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Photo Board with Organisation Name Pocket
Code: ddppb002
Photo Board with Organisation Name Pocket

Please note we can make photoboards to fit your requirements aswell as having a range of standard products.

Photoboards or picture wall boards are a great way to visually display your staff photographs, governor, or pupil photographs. Many layouts and colours are available, either from our standard photo board range or we can tailor them to fit your photographic board requirements. Printed photos simply slip into the pockets allowing you to present the current persons photograph and change as required. The xxample in the picture shows 30 picture pockets with top school name pocket. We can also supply a photoboard with your school logo on rather than the pocket. This would gernally be a vinyl graphic produced from a graphic you supply us. See ddppb004 for more details.

Contact us if you have specific needs not catered for in the standard product range.

  • White acrylic back panel (many colours available)
  • Pockets images 50mm wide x 74mm high (2x3 inch)
  • Organisation Name pocket
  • Security Cover Optional - see further down page  
  • Pockets fixed with tape
  • Simply slip in a paper printed graphic 
  • Supply drilled with holes to fix through or we can supply wall mounts. 
  • Delivered Assembled
  • Permanent printed or applied graphics titles an option. See ddppb004

Tailor made configurations an option.

Contact DDP with your requirements.

Code Title Size Unit Price Qty
ddppb002-04-10 10 Pocket Photo Board 370mm wide x 300mm high 39.50
ddppb002-04-15 15 Pocket Photo Board 395mm wide x 393mm high 47.95
ddppb002-04-20 20 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 58.45
ddppb002-04-25 25 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 61.00
ddppb002-04-30 30 Pocket Photo Board 463mm wide x 585mm high 64.95
ddppb002-04-35 35 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 80.00
ddppb002-04-40 40 Pocket Photo Board 604mm wide x 585mm high 94.50
ddppb002-04-45 45 Pocket Photo Board 620mm wide x 585mm high 97.00
ddppb002-04-50 50 Pocket Photo Board 745mm wide x 585mm high 99.50
ddppb002-04-55 55 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 112.00
ddppb002-04-60 60 Pocket Photo Board 820mm wide x 585mm high 119.00
ddppb002-04-70 70 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 139.95
ddppb002-04-80 80 Pocket Photo Board 322mm wide x 585mm high 143.89
ddppb002-10c Security Cover 10 Pocket 13.95
ddppb002-15c Security Cover 15 Pocket 16.90
ddppb002-20c Security Cover 20 Pocket 18.00
ddppb002-25c Security Cover 25 Pocket 19.00
ddppb002-30c Security Cover 30 Pocket 20.00
ddppb002-35c Security Cover 35 Pocket 35.00
ddppb002-40c Security Cover 40 Pocket 22.00
ddppb002-45c Security Cover 45 Pocket 26.50
ddppb002-50c Security Cover 50 Pocket 31.00
ddppb002-55c Security Cover 55 Pocket 34.00
ddppb002-60c Security Cover 60 Pocket 37.00
ddppb002-70c Security Cover 70 Pocket 39.00
ddppb002-80c Security Cover 80 Pocket 46.00

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